Press Release 2018

BBC Radio 4 - File on 4 Criminal Records? Is Drill Music to Blame for Knife Crime

BBC NEWS - Drill: Is it right to blame the music genre for violence?

Renowned urban youth specialist starts doctoral degree with BCU criminology experts

Is UK Drill music really behind London's wave of violent crime?

Press Release 2018

Are politicians blaming social media to “mask” the real reasons for London violence? (2018)

Social Media Related to Violence by Young People, Say Experts (2018)

International Criminologist Urges Jamaican Police To Rethink Their Approach To Gangsters (2018)

Fighting Crime A Different Way UK-Based Criminologist Urges Jamaicans To Try Different Approach


Criminologist Holds Session with Restorative Justice Stakeholders in Kingston, Jamaica (2018)

Press Release 2017

Girls, Gangs and Social Media (2017)

'YourLifeMatters' Campaign Launches In Birmingham (2017)

UCB lecturer travels to Memphis, Tennessee to present innovative paper on youth violence (2017)

Gangs and Youth Violence in the South of Birmingham? (2017)

Ayyesha returns to UCB to share inspirational story (2017)

Social media and violence paper praised by Baroness Greenfield (2017)

Press Release 2016

Day To Honour Teen Shot Dead In Birmingham (2016)

Call for more action to tackle youth violence

Studying the causes of crime at Birmingham Prison

Press Release 2015

Shining A Spotlight On Youth Violence (2015)

Birmingham Gangs 'Have Had Their Day' (2015)

Craig Pinkney is an Educator of Excellence (2015)

Craig makes an impact at Perry Beeches II school (2015)

Investigating Birmingham's 'Super Gang' (2015)

Press Release 2014

Shining A Spotlight On Youth Violence (2015)

Birmingham Gangs 'Have Had Their Day' (2015)